How does it work?

Given the current corona virus I wanted to finally use the postcards to spread love and hope to others. I few words of kindness through the post whilst someone is in isolation could potentially make their day. 
So the Positive Postcard club was born here you'll be able to down load for free colouring in page as well as pay a small amount to buy a postcard, along with a stamp and have the ability to have me write a beautiful message to your loved one.
Over the last year the postcards club developed into the positive post company, having written over 30,000 postcards sent to thousands of people across the world. 
What is the cost?
£2 for the post card and £1 for the postage so overall £3.00
for additional postage just add £1 per postcard at check out 
What do I need to do to buy and post one?!
  1.  Choose your postcard
  2. Order but before pressing pay you can leave a note to seller which will be the space for you to fully write you note to the recipient of the the postcard this is above the option to pay fill this out before hitting pay and I'll receive your note 250 characters
  3. Make sure the delivery address is for the recipient and is different from your payment address this is entered in the field recipients address
  4. Complete order
Following on from my #ella365project where I did a drawing a day for a year to help me cope with the loss of my youngest brother to suicide, from this I turned the art works into postcards and sold them raising funds for CALM a suicide presentation charity.
After 2 years of sales I had plenty of postcards sat unused in stock, I had been thinking for a few weeks to do something positive about people being able to be in touch with loved ones via snail mail as someone who themselves suffers from agoraphobia and mental health conditions I thought well I can use these postcards for good.