Updated postage -

- 2021 As Ella covers all aspects of the company, there have been slight delays in posting due to Ella's poor health having recently been diagnosed with Lupus and Scleroderma the start of 2021 haven't been easy, Ella is still sorting, processing and posting all items. Posting Is now 3 times a week.

- there is a lead time of 4 days writing and posting items then allow a week for items to make it to their recipients this is due to royal mails backlog of letters/packages, but a lot of customers will get their order a day after being posted. 

During these uncertain times I hope to post orders 3 times a week, I walk to my nearest post box a two minute walk from my house and it gets picked up at 7am the next day or or 4pm in the evening, if the postage has been sufficiently covered post is being posted 1st class and often the person receives in the next day. 

If the postage has been covered I will post 2nd class. 

If you purchase more then 1 card please use the postage option according to the number of postcards purchased ( UK)

1 postcards - 1.00

2 postcards - £2.00

3 postcards - £3.00

4 postcards - £4.00 etc and this will go up £1.00 for every postcard this just means that I can post it to the separate addresses needed 

I am now shipping worldwide which is exciting and being able to help people write to their loved ones overseas has been wonderful. Worldwide shipping is posted Tuesday and Thursdays. 

There maybe a delay in your post if - 

you haven’t written the persons name on the name and address recipient section - you will be contacted if this is the case Royal Mail postage pressures Wrong address - these will often end up back with me due to my return address being on the back you will be contacted if this is the case.

Insufficient postage has been paid if you have bought 10 postcards you have to pay for 10 postcards to be individually posted  - also if you’ve bought 2+ postcards to one address you’ll have to pay for the amount you’ve bought because this will have to be posted as a large letter and costs more then 80p 

Postage is £1.00 per postcard, a Royal Mail stamp is now 76p the £1.00 covers the stamp and a little bit of the envelope I make no profit from posting.

As long  as it’s safe for me to walk to the post box I’ll keep my store open, currently following government guidelines it’s currently only me working on all orders. I personally make sure hygiene is kept to a high standard.