worldwide shipping available and how to order your positive postcards


Finally after over 4 months of Positive Postcard club being a thing I finally feel now is the time to offer worldwide shipping, I've had a lot of overseas customers be able to order postcards to be shipped to their loved ones in the uk but now people worldwide and the uk will be able to send postcards to anyone anywhere in the world. 

the principle for shipping worldwide is the same as it has been to order in the uk, you pick the postcard you want, then you add the recipients name, then address and click add to cart, each postcard you pick to be posted separately to who ever you want will come up like this. 

if you wish to order something for yourself or multiple orders to go to one address you can fill out the sections but you can also put N/A and pop them in your cart. 

I'm so excited to get to work posting to people all around the world!! 

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