Big move north and big news in store!

It's certainly been a crazy couple of weeks, I took the plunge when lockdown started to ease to move up north so we could start the hunt to buy our own property. It's been a lot of packing, unpacking, making furniture, and trying to fit my life in a rent a van. Unfortunately it has meant a slight delay on getting all orders out to everyone but I am getting back on top of remaining orders to send out. So thank you for your patience.

I am still technically shielding I leave the house only to food shop, post letters and walk around the park across the road so having a new space to work has been super inspiring. We are currently staying at my boyfriends parents who have been amazing in allowing us to stay here until the house goes through but the light and space in the room is amazing, temporally I've sent up my work space and have been working through things. I wasn't able to get my hands of on a 2 meter Ikea desk but I am super happy with the space I've got. 

Can't wait to get everyone's postcards out. I'll be opening the orders worldwide from next week so if you did want to write to someone overseas this will be perfect!